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As if he already knew something would happen.

I wonder how many people of those who favorited and RT’ed this are still supporting him right now. Yes,he “assaulted someone”. But he had his reasons. There are two different stories I’ve heard: He punched that guy because he was talking shit about Katelyn Norman, a fan who recently passed away because of cancer, or he punched him because he was attacking a woman. I don’t know which story is true and I don’t even care because in both cases I totally understand Austin’s reaction.

You DON’T talk shit about people that have cancer or even died because of cancer. I myself lost a family member just two months ago because of that illness. And I can say that I would have done the same as Austin. Also you don’t attack women if you are a man. You just don’t.

So to all of these people who say that they’ve lost all their respect for Austin,fuck off. You don’t deserve any respect. The world is such a fucked up place because of people like you.

And to Austin and ALL of Of Mice&Men,your real fans love you and we will always support you, no matter what happens. You guys save lives and you’re there for us when no one else is. So we will be there for you.


a real fan.

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